The Fall and Rise of the Rising Fallen

Our friends Jason Craig and Jessica Jelliffe are founders of the New York based theater company Banana Bag & Bodice, who through the years have put together many great performances for the San Francisco Fringe Festival. With their latest project they have created a concept punk band The Rising Fallen, the centerpiece of their new show “The Fall and Rise of the Rising Fallen” which is currently running through May 12th at Performance Space 122 in New York’s East Village.

So here’s the deal.
We made a concept punk band.
The Rising Fallen.
With guitar steel and drum-tense electro-dense lyrics.
And mythological legendary failures.
And tall tales of fateful, prodigious gigs on Scandinavian oil rigs.
And then we unwittingly begat our own brand of rousing idolatry.
And it is good.

They have uploaded a few videos of the band, “Shell”, “The Lot of ‘Em” and “Rape Squad”. Eliza Bent wrote a great review of the performance for The Village Voice.

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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