The Emularity, A Collection of Open-Licensed Software and Scripts for In-Browser Emulation

The Emularity

The Emularity is a collection of open-licensed software and scripts for in-browser emulation made available through the work of Jason Scott and Dan Brooks. The same software and scripts power the Internet Archive’s in-browser emulation, and, according to Scott, they “shouldn’t be locked away.”

With this software (and a bit of noodling), you can now run emulation for anything, anything, in the realm of JSMESS, JSMAME and EM-DOSBOX, which are the three main Javascript emulators running at the Internet Archive. In fact, as the Emularity page shows, we have provided three sets of javascript emulators, already compiled and waiting, that you can just drop right in along with the acquired software and just have everything run.

image via Jason Scott