The Eighth Annual Expo for the Artist & Musician

Expo for the Artist & Musician

Independent Arts & Media presents The Eighth Annual Expo for the Artist & Musician which takes place on September 10th through Saturday, September 15th at various locations in San Francisco. There will be workshops, film screenings, panels and a huge expo which takes place at SomArts, featuring over 80 exhibitors. Here are some photos I shot at last year’s event.

The Expo is an all-day extravaganza featuring more than 100 Bay Area arts organizations, free workshops, performances, and hundreds of local artists and musicians. Attendees can browse tables staffed by local galleries, nonprofits, collectives and small businesses; present their portfolios; and join in workshops on grant proposals, censorship, arts marketing, underground art history, making a demo tape and more.

If you want to get involved, the expo is still looking for more exhibitors, sponsors and volunteers. Laughing Squid is proud to be one of the sponsors of this great event.

UPDATE: Here are a few photos that I shot at the event.

photo credit: Scott Beale