The Cyclone, A LEGO Compatible Roller Coaster Building Kit

Elkton, Virginia roller coaster engineer Michael Graham, Dan Linden, and Jack Rimer of CoasterDynamix have created The Cyclone, a LEGO compatible roller coaster building kit. They are raising funds on Kickstarter to help with production costs.

It will be the first commercially available kit that combines the versatility of the world’s leading building block system with the realism and excitement of the CoasterDynamix track system. The result is an amazing roller coaster model that is easy to build and fun to customize. Join multiple sets together to make larger, more elaborate custom designs.The possibilities are endless!

The Cyclone kit comes with over 1000 individual pieces and has everything needed to build a 4′ long working roller coaster model. This includes standard and custom bricks, lift chain, gears, hand crank, track, and a train. With the provided instructions, the kit is easy and fun to build with no need for extra pieces or complicated tools. (read more)

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Justin Page
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