The Art of Bleeding

The Art of Bleeding

Our good friend Rev. Al (former high priest of the Los Angeles Cacophony Society), is bringing his latest creation, The Art of Bleeding, to San Francisco this Sunday, April 10th for a big show at The Odeon Bar.

The Art of Bleeding is an educational program designed to familiarize children young and old with the immediate experience of medical emergency. Our services encourage creative participation in autonomic functions such as bleeding and choking, providing practical models whereby human suffering is exploited in the name of art.

The Magic Ambulance will be parked out in front of The Odeon Bar and Abram the Safety Ape be singing some songs for the children. For more info on the show, check out The Squid List post.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to meet beloved Art of Bleeding Mascot ABRAM THE SAFETY APE, RT THE ROBOT TEACHER, FIREDOG FERGUS and his pal FACELESS, DROWNY THE DROWNED GIRL, SNUFFY THE FIRE TRUCK, kindly old DR. MOODY, the beautiful and mysterious PRINCESS CAUTIONA, the talking torso of RESUSCITATION ANNE, and of course Abram’s personal entourage of nubile vinyl-clad, stain-resistant NURSES.

This exclusive San Francisco engagement promises a full evening of experimental educational programming in first aid and medical catastrophe. Perhaps best described as a form of paramedical vaudeville, Art of Bleeding presentations combine interaction with old classroom health and safety films, song, dance, demonstrations, puppets, audience participation, subliminal conditioning, and carefully managed, though unavoidably grisly, accidents.

UPDATE: Here are my photos from the show.