The Animal Masquerade and The San Fransisco Zoo

The Animal Masquerade


The animals are taking over San Francisco! The folks behind The Edwardian Ball are presenting two fabulous back-to-back animal events at the Great American Music Hall this weekend, starting with The Animal Masquerade on Saturday, August 4th, followed by The San Francisco Zoo on Sunday, August 5th.


From the jungles of Africa to the farms of Berkeley, a menagerie of winged, furry and fanged friends descend upon SF’s most elegant venue for an entire weekend!

Saturday August 4th – The Animal Masquerade

From the creators of The Edwardian Ball, San Francisco’s most beloved, theatrical, costume gala, comes a new creation of wild proportions – The Animal Masquerade. Rosin Coven and Vau de Vire Society, co-hosts of this primal soiree, present new music, theatrical works, choreography, and tall tales in an elegant dancehall setting. As one might imagine, this one-of-a-kind night raises a bevy of questions: What happens when the dainty darlings of civilization encounter the wild? What happens when feral creatures are captured for our entertainment? What goes on when the cages are opened and night falls upon the zoo? Will the dancing hippo find glory? Will the cruel zookeeper get his just desserts? There’s only one way to find out….info and tickets at Also featuring Gypsy Klezmer Cabaret by the fabulous Vagabond Opera from Portland, Oregon. $20 advance or for animals, $25 at the door general admission, all ages 6+. Flock to it!

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Sunday August 5th – The San Francisco Zoo!

No that’s not a typo, it’s an attempt to describe this crazy collection of San Francisco’s wildest animal performers! Lineup includes a Cookie Monster-fronted speed metal band, a turntablewielding bunny, burlesque flamingos, live electronica Muppets, short films, and yes, a wild gorilla thrown in for good measure. We’ve even heard rumors of a petting zoo. Emceed by the safari-ready Kingfish of Spectacular! Spectacular! and the Hubba Hubba Review, this no-holds barred animal variety show promises to set a new standard for non-human performance. Tickets only $15 general admission, all ages (6+). Doors 7:30, show 8:00.

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