The 11th Annual Brides of March Are Upon Us

guest post by RICK!

the gang's all here

Michele ‘Danger Ranger‘ Michele is hosting the 11th Annual Brides of March, this Saturday, March 14th. Blushing brides will be meeting 2:30pm at the Tunnel Top in San Francisco.

“I saw a rack of used wedding dresses and realized how often the dreams of an ideal marriage had failed and how so much of this dream has been fabricated in order to fuel the ever-increasing consumption of new products. I thought it would be funny to take the primary symbol of this sacred institution and twist it around…”

The Brides will parade and frolic about Union Square, making an obligatory stop in Maiden Lane. Hopefully, the event won’t leave a string of broken hearts strewn about the streets, I’d hate to see it raise the ire of the City.

photo by John Curley