“Thank God AT&T Does Not Make Sake” (But What If They Did?)

Thank God AT&T Does Not Make Sake

The frustrated and signal-challenged owners of True Sake have posted this sign prominently in the window of their excellent Hayes Valley, San Francisco sake shop.

This sets up a whole series of “If AT&T Made Sake” jokes, along the lines of the classic “If Microsoft Made Cars” series. For example:

If AT&T Made Sake…

… Your bottle would always look full, but your cup would always be empty.

… You’d get cut off four times before last call.

… You could drink it on the street, but not in your home.

… They’d blame the bottle manufacturer if it tasted bad.

… They’d sell you a “bottomless cup,” but make you drink from a thimble.

… You’d have a keen interest in rumors that Verizon plans to begin making sake soon.

… You’d use it for everything but drinking.

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photo by Todd Lappin / Telstar Logistics