Tesla Motors Adds New Feature That Allows Drivers to Summon Their Cars to Their Location Using Autopilot

Tesla Motors has introduced new feature called Summon that lets their Model S or Model X electric cars drive to their owner’s location autonomously using the self-driving Autopilot feature. The beta release of Summon focuses on the cars independently entering a garage and parking themselves, or leaving a garage in the morning to greet their owners in the driveway.

Future releases will offer much broader functionality according to the official Summon announcement and a tweet from Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Eventually, Summon will allow drivers to call their cars to them regardless of their location, not unlike Michael Keaton’s Batman summoning the Batmobile in 1989’s Batman.

Tesla owner Rocco381 posted several videos recently demonstrating the AutoPark and Summon features allowing a Tesla Model S to enter and leave a garage on its own.

photo via Tesla