Tcritic Presents The Prez Dispenser T-Shirt by Eric Rewitzer

The Prez Dispenser

last night at the Seesmic First Anniversary /TechCrunch50 Closing Party I ran into Karl Long who runs the excellent t-shirt blog Tcritic and he was wearing his awesome new “The Prez Dispenser” t-shirt designed by Eric Rewitzer of 3 Fish Studios. It’s the first t-shirt in Karl’s new Tcritic “Artist Series” where he’ll be showcasing indie artwork. The Prez Dispenser is now available at the Tcritic store.

Over in the 3 Fish Studios shop Eric is selling a handpulled linocut of Prez, along with great linocuts of Darth Pez and the Doggie Diner.

illustration by Eric Rewitzer