Tanker Fire Meltdown on Oakland Freeway Overpass

baconmonkey shot some great video early Sunday morning of the tanker truck that caught fire and caused a section of the MacArthur Maze freeway overpass in Oakland to literally melt, then collapse.

A tanker exploded on a freeway overpass in the Oakland/Emeryville area in CA on Sunday, April 29th around 4am.
The deck collapsed and burned.
It was a connecting ramp between I-80 and I-580.
This is what 8,600 gallons (which weighs 80,000 pounds) of unleaded gasoline does when it burns.

Reports state that the fireball started on the lower deck, and the rising heat of the 3000+ degree fire melted parts of the deck above, causing it to collapse.

baconmonkey wrote up his “Adventures in Citizen Journalism” regarding dealing with the mainstream media’s use of his video footage, specifically CNN, whose lawyers told him that they could use his video without his permission because he had posted it on YouTube.

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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