Talkshow, A New Platform That Lets Users Text in Public to Share Meaningful Conversations

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Talkshow is a new social media platform that lets users text in public to share meaningful, informative, or entertaining conversations. When users start a Talkshow they can invite co-hosts to join in a public discussion that can be followed by anyone and shared or embedded around the internet. Those following a Talkshow can react using a list of emojis and prepared responses, and they can also ask to join the discussion as a co-host.

The app’s founder Michael Sippey wrote about his inspiration for the platform, how it works, and how he sees it being used in a post on Medium.

Conversations are how we entertain each other and advance ideas, and messaging is how most of us have conversations today. We believe a fast, simple and uncluttered conversation between friends can be entertaining and enlightening for more than just the people talking. So, Talkshow is about turning messaging into media. That’s why we call it “texting in public.”

The app is available now for iPhone and iPad in the App Store.

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