Take Off Your Riot Suit (The G20 Protest Remix)

Shortly after the recent G20 protests in Toronto, videos of burning police cars and angry would-be shoppers have thousands of views on the YouTubehole. One captivating video shows a large group of protesters singing “You’re sexy! You’re Cute! Take off your riot suit!” while pressed up against a squad of well armored riot cops. The hook was catchy, but I felt it needed a nice head nodding beat to really make it a hit single… so I remixed it.

It’s interesting to note that the “Take of you’re riot suit”, which may have originated at a Pittsburgh protest in September 2009, seemed to be a relatively popular chant in Toronto. I love how it turned from a relatively mundane anarchist chant… to becoming a catchier rally… until it finally got mixed in with the pop sensibilities of the tight-jeans-and-handkerchief crowd and turned into the greatest protest chant of all time.

In other news; why do cities still choose to host a G20? Can’t those guys learn how to telecommute?

Doctor Popular
Doctor Popular

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