Sushezi, A Sushi Bazooka That Shoots a Cylindrical Tube of Rice and Filling To Create Rolled Sushi

Sushezi in action

Sushezi is an invention by Hydraflow Industries in New Zealand that slowly plunges rice and filling out of tube in a perfect cylinder for making rolled sushi. The Sushezi can be purchased at Strapya World or directly from Hydraflow on its own or as a kit with a storage bag and a slicing guide.

Instructions on how to use the Sushezi can be found on their website or in a handy video demonstration:

Rolling sushi the traditional way with a bamboo mat appears to go a bit faster, however:

Sushezi in the sky with lens flare

Sushezi steps

images via Strapya World

via Strapya World, Naver Matome, RocketNews24