Survival Research Labs Show at the Extreme Futurist Festival 2012

SRL at Extreme Futurist Fest 2012

Survival Research Labs (SRL) will be doing a performance on December 22 in Los Angeles at the Extreme Futurist Festival 2012, a “two day arts and technology festival focusing on cutting edge science and technology along with transgressive performance art and music”. Tickets are now available for $70 (Festival & show) or $35 (show only).

Stay tuned to the official page for this performance which will be updated periodically with images, videos, and other information on pre-show prep, show, and other post-show media. Expect to see the Sparkshooter, Inchworm, Running Machine, Big Shockwave Cannon, Spine Robot, Flame-throwing Motoman, Dual Mules, Hovercraft, and more!

via SRL

photo by Karen Marcelo