SuperHappyDevHouse 12


SuperHappyDevHouse 12 takes place this Saturday, September 9th. This time they are doing things a bit differently. Instead of working through the night on projects, it will be more of a daytime into evening event. Unfortunately I can’t make this one, but I’m sure it will be great as usual.

From the annoucment:

The hackers are hacking at DevHouse once again! SuperHappyDevHouse 12 will commence on Saturday, September 9th back at the original SuperHappyFunHouse venue in Hillsborough.

In the spirit of rapid iteration, we’re going to try a new time for this event: 1pm to 1am

Yes! A different time! We figure we should try it at least once. Who knows, maybe you really are more productive during the day. =-o

So come join us at the SuperHappyFunHouse for our 12th non-marketing, non-conference, non-shoe event. Be sure to bring your laptop, your ideas, and that charming personality of yours. Feel free to bring snacks and drinks to share with your fellow hackers.

Be sure to tell your friends, as the Bay Area’s #1 private productive party organization (3PO), DevHouse not only gives you an intimate venue to meet, share ideas and have fun with other developers, designers, and designer-developers… it provides you with a venue to sit down and get things done!

Don’t work at Google? This is your 20% time – go work on that cool project that you’ve been itching to get out for the past few months. Do work for Google? Make that 20% time 40% time!

We’re about rapid development, ad-hoc collaboration, and cross pollination. Whether you’re a l33t hax0r, hardcore coder, or passionate designer, if you enjoy software and technology development, SuperHappyDevHouse was made with you in mind.

Regular donations will of course be accepted and muchly appreciated. Thanks to all those that donated at previous events! :)

Your friendly DevHouse organizers,
David Weekly, Jeff Lindsay, and Tom Harrison

photo credit: Scott Beale (photos from SHDH 7)
Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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