Supercooled Superconducting Material Levitates Over a Three Twist Möbius Track at High Speed

Superconductor Quantum Levitation Mobius Track

Scientists at the Low Temperature Physics Lab at Ithaca College successfully performed a breakthrough experiment in which a supercooled superconductor material levitated above a three twist Möbius strip track while going around at a high speed.

Quantum levitation on a 3 pi Möbius strip track! Watch the superconductor levitate above the track and suspend below the track, without having to go across the edge. Our track is not an “ordinary” Möbius strip with just one twist, but rather a Möbius strip with three twists — 540 degrees, or 3 pi radians, thus, a 3 pi Möbius strip track.

Behind the scenes footage showing how the Möbius track was made.

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