‘Summer ’78’, A Fun Short Film About a Young Boy Filming Himself While Playing With ‘Star Wars’ Toys in the Back Yard

Summer ’78 is a fun short film, directed by J.C. Reifenberg and produced by James Arnold Taylor, about an imaginative young boy during the 70s who is filming himself while playing with all sorts of Star Wars toys in the back yard. According to Mashable that “the boy at the center of this short film’s story is supposed to be J.J. Abrams, the director of the highly anticipated next installment of the Star Wars saga Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

Reifenberg, who grew up in the same part of Los Angeles as Abrams and shot the short there, says he wanted to create something that looked both forward to the franchise’s future and back to its roots.

Hence Darth Vader using a very 1978 cocktail stick for a lightsaber — which also happens to look just like Kylo Ren’s controversial triple-bladed weapon from the forthcoming film. (read more)

via Mashable

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