StreetWars San Francisco: Watergun Assassination Tournament

StreetWars San Francisco

StreetWars is a 3 week long, 24/7 game of assassin played out with squirt guns and other water weapons. It’s been held in New York, Vancouver, Vienna, Los Angeles, London, Chicago, Paris, and San Francisco previously. This year it’s returning to San Francisco for the third time, running April 5th through May 2nd.

The premise of StreetWars is very simple: You receive an envelope containing your target’s name, a picture, their work and home address, and some contact info. Your job is to hunt them down and “kill” them with a water (squirt gun, water ballon, etc) all while evading the unknown assassin that has your envelope. There are a small number of rules to keep game play fair, most importantly you must be over 18 and live and work in San Francisco. After 3 weeks and the inevitable “Sudden Death” period, the last assassin standing will win a cash prize.

If you’re interested in playing, it will cost you $45 and you’ll need to sign up by the deadline of March 27, 3:03pm.

Ed Hunsinger
Ed Hunsinger