An Elusive Stray Dog Named ‘Houdini’ Avoids Rescue Until the Right People Catch Him

An elusive stray chihuahua, who is appropriately named Houdini, was very adept at avoiding well-meaning rescuers at a Los Angeles port until Eldad Hagar and Loreta Frankonyte, the wonderful people behind Hope for Paws, got involved. They humanely trapped the rightfully frightened dog with a series of nets and blockades. Once Houdini was caught, he responded to the gentle soothing and even let himself be pet.

Many people tried to help him, but even Animal Control couldn’t catch him. The port was wide open so we though trapping him would be the best way. …Houdini was just too smart, so we had to come back later with another plan. …After two years of evading humans, Houdini was finally headed to safety.

Here’s the full rescue of Houdini.