Whimsical Stainless Steel Narwhal Barbecue Skewers Are Now Available

Narwhal Up Close

Spike Your Summer BBQs with These Steel Unicorns of the Sea!

In June 2013 we wrote about artist Melissa Dowell who was raising money through Kickstarter to bring her whimsical set of Narwhal Barbecue Skewers to market. Her campaign was fully and successfully funded and nearly two years later, we’re happy to say that these wonderful skewers are now available.

The mystical, deep-sea hunting narwhals are quite possibly the coolest animals on the planet (and no we’re not talking Linux). In case you’re in the dark on this, the horns protruding from their heads are actually giant canine teeth— can it get any more epic than that? Now you can bring these adorable creatures home in the form of stainless steel BBQ skewers just in time for summer.

  • Made of durable stainless steel
  • Wrapped in a sleeve for safe storage & transportation
  • Great for meat, vegetables & anything you would roast over a fire
  • Perfect for fans of narwhals & Internet memes

Narwhal Cooked

Narwhal Skewers

Narwhal Skewers on BBQ

Narwhal in the Sand


Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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