Sriracha Ice Cream Sandwiches

Sriracha Sammies

Sachary of The Glut Life has posted a detailed tutorial on how to make Sriracha Ice Cream Sandwiches. He’s flavors each of the cookies with chocolate, peanut butter and, yes, Sriracha hot sauce. On top of that, the ice cream is Thai basil and vanilla flavored and then rolled in toasted coconut. The recipe and tutorial can be found on The Glut Life.

Ice cream sandwiches are boring. Well, are really…yeah kinda lame. I mean we grew up in the city so we are only used to one kind. Black top & bottom with white insides. We wanted to step it up a notch. We made Sriracha cookies and filled them with Thai basil vanilla bean ice cream. Hi haters!




images via The Glut Life

via Foodbeast