Sriracha Beef Jerky

Sriracha Jerky

Sriracha Beef Jerky is a spicy meat snack that “packs a spicy-sweet punch of garlic and peppers” made by J&D’s. It is available to buy online at The Oatmeal Shop or at J&D’s store.

We love The Rooster. We love beef jerky. And so do you. Which is why Sriracha Jerky just made sense to us and everyone we asked.

How did we make this delicious creation? First, we marinated tender steak strips in real Sriracha sauce for hours. Then we performed a secret voodoo ritual to infuse the fiery hot demons of Asian food into this delicious meat snack. OK, we’re kidding about the second part, but not the first…

via The Oatmeal