Squid in Morning Dress by Phineas X. Jones

Phineas X. Jones of Octophant has created Squid in Morning Dress, an illustration of a squid looking rather dapper. The art’s screenprints were created in collaboration with Nevermind Gallery who have made two versions available to purchase. Last year, we posted an earlier version of this illustration.

“Dapper, you say? Sir, you insult me. I can respect your plainly keen eye for the finest bespoke haberdashery and your appreciation of the same. But to imply that my manner of dress is self-consciously beyond that of any proper gentleman is pure effrontery! Do you take me for a preening dandy, Sir? A foppish twit? I am simply attired in a style suitable and fitting to a squid of my social station and I certainly do not have time for your knavery. Good day to you!”

“I said ‘good day,’ sir!”