‘Some Dis-Assembly Required’, Famous YouTubers and Chris Hardwick Join Forces to Destroy a Deadly Robot

Sneaky Zebra recently worked together with Stan Winston School and Legacy Effects to create “Some Dis-Assembly Required“, an action and special effects-filled comedy short about famous YouTubers who join forces with Chris Hardwick to destroy a deadly robot. The cast includes members from Rocket Jump, the Screen Team, Mars Rising Films, and Mark Meer as the voice of the robot.

Left in storage & neglected from memory it comes a time to dispose of this once loved Geek Week Robot – only IT seems to have a different idea of how this will turn out. Luckily a group of YouTubers and a man on an iPad step up to the challenge of defeating this mechanical menace.

Sneaky Zebra also shared a behind the scenes and a visual effects comparison video:

music by Benjamin Squires

Justin Page
Justin Page

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