‘Soma’ Sculpture by Flaming Lotus Girls is Coming to Pier 14 in San Francisco

Soma by Flaming Lotus Girls
A rendering of the “Soma” San Francisco installation. Image via Flaming Lotus Girls

San Francisco-based art group Flaming Lotus Girls recently announced they will be bringing their large-scale interactive sculpture “Soma” to San Francisco’s Pier 14 for a yearlong installation. The sculpture, which takes the form of two giant metal neurons connected by an axon, premiered at Burning Man 2009. The original sculpture’s flame effects are being converted to LEDs for the San Francisco installation. Visitors will be able to trigger the LEDs to simulate neuron action. Flaming Lotus Girls is holding a benefit for the project, “Crossfire Synaptic Equinox,” on March 21, 2014 at Public Works in San Francisco. “Soma” is expected to go on display later this spring.

“Soma” at Burning Man 2009. Photo by Jonathan Lidbeck

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