Short Surreal Film Promoting Adobe’s CS4 and The Andalusian Dog That Inspired It

AdRants pointed out Le Sens Propre (French for “The Clean Direction”) a short film (does that mean it’s not a commercial?) in Adobe’s “Shortcut to Brilliant” campaign. It was written and directed by Brazilian filmmaker CISMA (aka Denis Kamioka) who has worked for MTV Brazil and Diesel (earlier I covered Diesel’s weird and compelling ads for their clothing and… maybe just for the hell of it).

This surreal, hyperactive little gem evokes Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí‘s Un chien andalou, albeit with sound and 21st centurty Adobe-ized effects. And sprinkles.

Below is Dali and Bunuel’s masterpiece, which turns 80 next month.

That’s where we get the old saying “you’ve got ants in your hands”.


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