Shampbooze, Liquor Smuggling Flasks That Look Like Shampoo & Conditioner Bottles To Take on Cruises


The label is masked to protect its stealth identity.

While I’ve never taken a cruise, I gather that the drinks are quite expensive for the product called Shampbooze to have been invented. The Shampbooze set are flasks that look like bottles of organic hair shampoo and conditioner and were created to smuggle liquor in your checked cruise ship luggage. Both bottles are made of thick virgin food grade plastic, hold 16 oz. of your ‘favorite liquor”, and don’t leak (they have been tested extensively). The creators of Shampbooze are Utah-based company Smuggle Mug (their namesake product is an insulated mug that holds hidden booze).

It is almost 3 times tougher and $2 cheaper than rum runners and have no seams that could leak. Plus I wouldn’t want security to open my luggage and see a clear flask with my alcohol in it. Shampbooze is the best way to get your alcohol on your cruise. And don’t forget to bring your Smuggle Mug.

Here are some Shampbooze reviews:

Works like a charm
Posted by R. Bizzle on 8th Jul 2012
I bought 2 sets for a cruise in March 2012. My roommate and I filled them to the max and had them in our checked luggage and had secret happy hours in our room. Best product on the market. Success!

More than worth it!
Posted by boxermom on 13th Apr 2012
..,Honestly the bottles are authentic looking and when they are totally filled nothing sloshes around. No reason to suspect they are anything but shampoo and conditioner. I put them in a gallon zip baggie just to make it look even more authentic! The website pixels out the stickers and logo on the shampoo bottles so the agents don’t even know what to look for. The label has ingredients, a web site, everything a regular bottle would.

Our bar bill last year was $570. This year it was $350. I can only assume it was due to the bottles!!