ShakeItPhoto, Turn Your iPhone Into A Polaroid Camera

101 Over Division

Cathy Brooks

Oh The Humanity

Brian & Wendy

photos by Scott Beale

Last Friday at Attaboy’s “Anitdote” art show, my friend and fellow photographer Tryntje Rapalje turned me on to ShakeItPhoto, a really fun iPhone app that emulates a Polaroid camera. You shoot a photo with the app, it gets ejected onto the screen with the classic Polaroid sound and then you have to shake the iPhone in order to “process” the photo. The fauxlaroid photos it produces are pretty cool. Here are a few I’ve shot recently and be sure to check out Tryntje’s awesome ShakeItPhoto gallery.

Once you are up and running, submit your best ShakeItPhoto photos to PhotoShakeDown, where other users can then view and rate them. There is also a ShakeItPhoto Best Of group on Flickr.