Santarchy In Second Life, A Virtual Santacon

Santarchy In Second Life

Can’t make it to Santacon’s this year? Well come join Santarchy in Second Life, which being hosted by The Cacophony Society at 4pm SLT this Sunday, December 9th at Pier 109/139/23 in Second Life. Here’s a Santa in Second Life: A Crash Course to help you figure out what to do and where to go.

Are you a Sad Santa because you can’t go rampage with those other bad Santas this year?

You don’t have all day to act stupid? Or you got no plane ticket? Or your Cheap Santa Suit caught fire last year? Maybe you’re a crippled shut-in?

All is not lost. Santa’s gonna take a little tour through Second Life this year so all you need is a couple of hours, a bottle of booze, and your internet connection to get your Ho on. If you’ve been in-world before and know what you’re doing, join the Santarchy group and meet us at the location above. We’ll give you a Cheap Santa Suit, a stiff drink, and a teleport.

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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