San Francisco Zine Fest 2008, Keeping Independent Publishing Alive

San Francisco Zine Fest 2008

San Francisco Zine Fest 2008, an annual two-day free conference for independent and underground publishing, takes place July 19th and 20th at the San Francisco County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park. This year’s event features over 60 small press exhibitors and a several great workshops and panels.

The San Francisco Zine Fest will be back for our seventh annual celebration of small press, zines, comics, and all things DIY in an even bigger and better new location: The San Francisco County Fair Building, in Golden Gate Park. As always, the Zine Fest is free and open to the public! Over 60 small-press and DIY creators will be selling, trading, and otherwise sharing their work with over a thousand attendees.

The Zine Fest serves as a vital annual showcase of the diversity, vitality, and ongoing exuberance of the small-press movement. The exhibitors range from established small-press publishing houses including RE/Search Publications, Manic D Press, Sparkplug Comics, and Tugboat Press to first time self-publishers and creators. Writers, cartoonists, crafters, illustrators, printmakers, and all manner of artists will be in attendance. While the majority of the exhibitors hail from the Bay Area, creators from across the West Coast and beyond will be represented.

poster by Vanessa Davis