San Francisco Art in Storefronts Central Market

guest post by Josh Ellingson

Art in Store Fronts - Alexis Amann & Jonathan Burstein
Alexis Amann & Jonathan Burstein “Don’t Give Up The Ship”

San Francisco Arts Commission’s Community Arts & Education Program (CAE) worked with local businesses in San Francisco to turn storefronts along Market St. between 5th and 8th Streets into temporary art installations. Last night’s “Art in Storefronts – Central Market” reception was teeming with an unlikely mix of art enthusiasts, street musicians, pan-handlers, and giddy teenaged girls (Teen-sensation “Boys Like Girls” was playing next door at the Warfield). Here are some of my photos:

Art in Store Fronts -

Art in Store Fronts - Liz Maher
Liz Maher “No One Seems to Care That I Want Roots”

Art in Store Fronts - Bayly & Miller
Bayly & Miller “Find Yourself in Natural History”

Art in Store Fronts -Phillip Hua
Phillip Hua “Consider It”

More photos are available in my Flickr set.

The Central Market exhibition runs until January 31st, 2010. The Bayview hosts “Art in Storefronts” starting October 30th and The Mission District jumps on starting November 20th. More information on all of these events can be found at the SF Arts Commission website.

photos by Josh Ellingson