San Bruno Mountain Fire Threatens Brisbane

guest post by mikl-em


A wildfire in the hills of Brisbane, CA
threatens homes. There are a lot of close friends of Laughing Squid who live in Brisbane, and we are thinking of them and everyone whose homes are threatened there.

The latest images of the Brisbane fire from Flickr users. Details on the evacuations reported by CBS 5.

There are fires raging throughout California right now, including a 3,500 acre fire in the Napa / Solano county area, most of these were started by lightning strikes.

Cal Fire is the California state department of Forestry and Fire Protection. Here’s a list of current incidents (though I wasn’t able to find the Brisbane fire in this list, I think it’s part of the larger lightining strikes fire). Here’s hoping for low winds and a cool day and thanks to the firefighters who are all working non-stop to keep the damage at a minimum.

UPDATE: Good news! As of 1:30AM Monday the San Bruno fire was 75% contained and all residents were allowed back to their homes.

photo by Adonis Allen