Sad Goat Gets a New Lease on Life After Being Reunited With His Donkey Best Friend

After being rescued from a hoarding case by Vacaville, California farm sanctuary Animal Place, Mr. G the goat spent several days sitting listlessly in the corner of his shed, refusing to eat. The shelter eventually realized that the otherwise perfectly healthy animal was depressed at having been taken away from his best friend Jellybean, a burro who had been shipped off to a different shelter in Southern California. Animal Place made the 14 hour round trip to pick up Jellybean, and the moment the small donkey stepped off the truck, Mr. G was an altogether different goat.

Right away his personality completely changed. Within 20 minutes of being reunited, Mr. G started eating. He had refused to eat for six days because he missed his friend. Animals have the ability to form friendships and feel deep emotions, just like us.