RU Sirius’ True Mutations Radio Show at City Lights Books

True Mutations

RU Sirius has a new book out, “True Mutations”, featuring “interviews on the edge of science, technology and consciousness”. In celebration of the release of this book, RU is hosting a special True Mutations Radio Show live podcast recording from the legendary “Poetry Room” at City Lights Books in San Francisco on Tuesday, July 24th. Special guests include Lynn Hershman, Jamais Cascio (WorldChanging), David Pescovitz (Boing Boing & MAKE Magazine) and Howard Rheingold.

True Mutations looks at the wild changes that may be coming to the human species during the 21st Century. In a series of interviews, author/host RU Sirius explores a series of (r)evolutions in disciplines ranging from the evolution of clean energy to the possibilities of endless neurological ecstasy; from open-source free access to nearly everything under the sun to self-directed biotechnological evolution; from psychedelic culture mash-ups to the possibilities of a technological singularity that alters not only humanity but the entire universe.