Rooftop Dining Furniture Set by Aine Bunikyte

Rooftop Dining

Ridged Roof Furniture is a design concept for a table and chairs that mount to the top of a pitched roof. The concept was created by Lithuanian designer Aine Bunikyte as her graduation project for the Vilnius Academy of Art. While the furniture is presented as a concept, the designer is pursuing patents for this and other “ridged roof furniture units.”

Aine Bunikyte’s work is a table served on a ridged roof, it calls for a sip of tea over the oldtown while promissing a romantic adventure. The cause of this object – to present vision, an offer to find a personal space, to dive deep into the dream envisioned by the author, to rise higher.

Art design project – para-fuctional invitation – is a result of three year research based on function paradoxes within design objects and designed spaces. Although the furniture is designed in a non-logical sequence and by paradox principle, they invite, enhance charm and wish. It’s a paradox that the table and the chairs would be almost functional if they weren’t unreachable. A roof also becomes para-functional since it gains a new function – it becomes a floor.
By defying conventional practice the furniture is balancing between the imaginary and the real.

This visionary furniture is created for Vilnius Oldtown roofs, most of which are pitched. The chairs and the served table may become an interesting start and a suggestion to form such roof culture. This is a proposal for a new conception of public space.

Ridged Roof Furniture by Aine Bunikyte

Ridged Roof Furniture by Aine Bunikyte

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photos by Kernius Pauliukonis

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