RoboGames 2008, The World’s Largest Open Robot Competition

RoboGames 2008

The 5th annual RoboGames, the world’s largest open robot competition, takes place this weekend, Friday, June 13th through Sunday, June 15th at Fort Mason Festival Pavilion in San Francisco.

The International RoboGames returns to San Francisco for its fifth year of hosting robot builders, engineers, scientists, and ordinary garage builders from around the world as they go for the laser-etched gold, silver, and bronze medals! Come to RoboGames for three solid days of mechanical
sportsmanship, gearhead mayhem, and all the things your mom told you to never, ever do with science.

Hundreds of participants, vendors, cool workshops, nifty exhibits and people just like you who have bent, engineered, tweaked, fiddled and built their way to the Olympics Of Robots!

Here’s the full schedule of events and advance tickets are now on sale.

Hotshot Few Thousand

Here are my photos from RoboGames 2007.

Oh and RoboGames is now on Twitter, follow for the latest updates.

UPDATE: Here are some photos and video from RoboGames 2008.

photo by Scott Beale