Retro Thing Clear Classic USB Joystick For Old School Gaming


Retro Thing Clear Classic USB Joystick lets you take a trip back to the good old days of gaming (Mac or PC compatible). The gorgeous red or blue LED lit controllers are priced at $34.95. The team at Reflex Audio Systems are offering our readers a $5 discount code. Just type in “SQUID” when checking out and you are all set! There were only 500 of each color manufactured and assembled by Reflex (even the plastic was molded in the USA) and they won’t last long.

The Clear Classic USB Joystick is compatible with almost all emulators that run Atari, Amiga and Commodore software. It even works with MAME and modern games that use a standard USB D-pad controller.

To get you started, hundreds of vintage 8-bit games are available for free download from AtariAge.

Justin Page
Justin Page

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