RePress, An Internet Censorship Defeating Plugin For WordPress


RePress is an anti-censorship plugin that allows anyone with a self-hosted WordPress site to uncensor a blocked website. The plugin turns the WordPress site into a proxy for the blocked website, rerouting traffic from a user, through the WordPress site, to the blocked website. RePress is under development by Dutch hosting company greenhost. It is currently available for download as an alpha release.

More and more governments from east and west are trying to censor the Internet. For different reasons the governments of countries like Iran, the USA, Syria, The Netherlands and China seek ways to block websites of the web and limit free speech. This plug-in will enable you to get those websites online again for you, your friends and the rest of the world without any hassle.

via Y Combinator Hacker News

E.D.W. Lynch
E.D.W. Lynch

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