Rare Footage of Robin Williams Improvising to Help Promote Television Director Howard Storm

Rare footage from the 1980s shows several takes of the late Robin Williams improvising for a video to promote the career of Mork & Mindy director Howard Storm. In the video, Williams was purposefully being difficult to work with and not listening to directions from Storm to prove the point that, “If he can work with me… he can work with anyone!”

The video with Williams apparently worked, because after directing 59 episodes of Mork & Mindy, Storm went on to direct episodes of dozens of other shows like ALFMr. Belvedere, and Kenan & Kel.

This video was uploaded by Daniel Pastel, who says he worked at the production company that edited the video for Storm.

In the early 1980’s I was working at a production company. We were editing a segment for director Howard Storm. I was amazed then and after seeing it again amazed at Robin’s natural ability to make people laugh. I never had the privilege of meeting him but like us all, will miss him terribly. The world has lost a little happiness.

via Tastefully Offensive