Project Neon, Documenting The Neon Signs of New York City

Katz's Delicatessen

whooo!  a record!!!


Pearl Street Diner

Project Neon is an ambitious endeavor by Kirsten Hively to document the best neon signs in New York City. You can follow her progress on the Project Neon tumblr, Flickr photostream, and Google map. She is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to make a free iPhone app guidebook that will direct users to her favorite signs.

I’m working on a digital guidebook — a free iPhone app that will map the location of about 100 of New York’s best neon signs all over the city with photos, descriptions, and location, so residents, visitors, and New York fans can see what a spectacular collection of neon signage New York has. The glow of neon is so amazing — even at a distance it’s such a distinctive kind of light: a certain kind of brightness, certain hyper-saturated colors. Up close it’s even more incredible. Sometimes lightly flickering or buzzing a bit, always with that enticing glow.

photos by Kirsten Hively