PR Gnus Of The World News Remixes NPR

Enjoy a bit of surreality with your radiophonic news broadcast? Think facts are overrated? Are you now, or have you ever been a member of The Church of The SubGenius? Did you play “Rocked By Rape” by The Evolution Control Committee at your wedding?

If so, you’ll likely enjoy the “PR Gnus Of The World News”, an ongoing series by audio cut-up artist and longtime SubGenius, Mr. F. Le Mur. By skillfully re-editing NPR broadcasts, Mr. Le Mur creates short, comic pieces that provide the familiar texture of radio news, but which contain nonsensical or surreal content. Or, in some cases, excising content altogether, deftly playing with the formulaic nature of contemporary reporting.

There are several years of back episodes freely available on the Internet Archive’s Open Source Audio. I recommend leaving them playing in the background as you work. Especially if you have officemates within earshot.

via Mediapathic