Posable Vine Arms and Legs to Decorate Pumpkins

The master pumpkin carving artists at Villafane Studios have created cool products to anthropomorphize your pumpkins with their line of posable arms and legs that look like real pumpkin vines.

Bring instant life to your pumpkin with our fully poseable Vine Legs. Create characters just by bending and posing the legs and feet or making your pumpkin appear to be standing by leaning it on something of support. Use them with the Vine Arms and Replacement Stem and create figures without even having to carve. Add them to your carved pumpkin face and create a figure that entertains.

Buy the Vine Legs together with the Vine Arms and Stem and you can create a pumpkin character without having to carve anything if you want.



Vine Arm

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff