PopUp & Notifly, Novel Designs for Tracking Events and Notifying Users About Them

notifly 1

PopUp and Notifly are two novel designs for tracking events and notifying users about them. PopUp is a beautiful calendar app that uses event and location data to alert users to potential nearby opportunities for joy, and makes use of circular designs. Notifly is a unique device that alerts users to appointments by blowing bubbles rather than more traditional alarms sounds or flashing lights.

PopUp and Notifly are part of the design project MonYay!, which is a series of projects meant to make Mondays, considered by many to be the worst day of the week, more fun. MonYay! was worked on collaboratively by designers Karin Soukup, Erika Lee, Top Tulyathorn, and Ingrid Fetell.

popup 1

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gif via Aesthetics of Joy

photos via Ideo

via Aesthetics of Joy, swissmiss