Police Officers Responding to Millions of Mayflies Swarming the Sabula-Savanna Bridge in Iowa

deisel1984 uploaded an insane video of a Sabula, Iowa police officer requesting Iowa Department of Transportation to help with a swarm of millions of mayflies (shadflies) that had taken over the Sabula-Savanna Bridge that crosses the Mississippi River. The DOT had to use a snowplow to clear the bridge.

Sabula Iowa Police department was called to assist a motorist on the Sabula Savanna bridge. When the officer arrived he realized what had happened. Millions of shad-flies had hatched and made the bridge like ice. There were literally inches of the bugs on the ground. Crews from the Sabula Fire, Savanna Fire, and both Iowa and Illinois DOT were on scene to help clean up the mess.

via WQAD