Podtique, An Antique Radio Hacked to Play Episodes of ‘The Thrilling Adventure Hour’ Podcast

The Podtique is an antique radio hacked by software engineer Roderick Mann to play segments from popular old-timey radio podcast The Thrilling Adventure Hour on different frequencies when the dial is turned. Built using a 1936 Goldentone radio, the Podtique has different MP3 files from various show segments assigned to different stations. For the full effect, the sound of static plays between each station.

Whenever you’re not tuned to a station, pink noise plays. This is mixed with station content, gradually fading away as the tuning improves. The volume potentiometer is used to attenuate the resulting mixed samples. If the knob is turned all the way off, the BBB mutes the audio amplifier and turns off the dial backlight.



images via Roderick Mann

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips