Pixelator, An Addictive Web-Based Tool That Pixelates Images

Laughing Squid by Brian McCarty on Pixelator

Pixelator by Ben Keen is an addictive web-based graphics tool that pixelates images. It is based on Close Pixelate, a Chuck Close-inspired HTML5 Canvas script by David DeSandro and John Schulz.

The Pixelator is really nothing more than an excuse to play around with Canvas, a fun new(ish) HTML5 technology for creating images on the fly with javascript. I’d spent a couple of evenings experimenting when a co-worker (@estwo) sent me a link to DeSandro’s amazing Close-Pixelate script. Wow. So awesome. But the script cried out for a UI to let people construct their own patterns dynamically, and not have to wade through code. For me, the fun lies in playing with it – finding what patterns work and what don’t. So all I really did was slap on a UI.

Our example image is based on a photo by friend of Laughing Squid, Brian McCarty.

via Chris Glass