Pinterest Introduces Intelligent Visual Discovery With ‘Lens’ an App That Identifies What It Sees

Pinterest Visual Discovery

Pinterest has introduced intelligent visual discovery with the new Lens app that identifies what it sees in images and helps users find similar items or design suggestions. The app is currently in beta, and Pinterest says that for now it works best with home decor items, clothing, and food, but as more people use the app it will improve over time and work with a wider range of objects. Lens works similarly to how Shazam identifies songs people hear out in the world, but with physical objects.

Just point Lens at a pair of shoes, then tap to see related styles or even ideas for what else to wear them with. Or try it on a table to find similar designs, and even other furniture from the same era. You can also use Lens with food. Just point it at broccoli or a pomegranate to see what recipes come up. Patterns and colors can also lead you in fun, interesting or even just plain weird new directions.

The company has also introduced Instant Ideas and Shop the Look features. Instant Ideas lets users tap on Pins to get related ideas and suggestions based on what’s in the image. With the Shop the Look feature, users can highlight specific items in a Pin and when available, they can check out right in the Pinterest app.

Pinterest Lens

Pinterest Intstant Ideas

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