Pink Tentacle Kitty Plushie

Tentacle Kitty

Tentacle Kitty is an adorable stuffed kitten with ten tentacles. According to the Tentacle Kitty website, her favorite foods are cotton candy and mice, and her favorite pastime is hugging. The pink plushies are available to purchase online.

Longingly staring at Tentacle Kitty all day, wishing she was real so you could give her huggles? Well now you can! With your very own Tentacle Kitty Plush, you not only get a soft cuddly Tentacle Kitty, but “Second Edition” is even on the Tag! If you are a collector, this will sell for bazillions in the future. If you are a Hipster you can say, “I had a Tentacle Kitty before she went mainstream.” If you love kitties, tentacles, cuddles and confusing people you know, this is the plush for you!

Tentacle Kitty

images via Tentacle Kitty

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips