Piango, A Flexible Electronic Piano With Pedal and Speaker That Can Be Rolled Up for Easy Traveling

Piango Grande Package

The Piango portable piano is a wonderfully rechargeable, flexible electronic keyboard that can be played on any solid surface and then be rolled up for easy travel. Piango also features 88 keys – the same as a standard piano. It also connects with various platforms via Bluetooth.

despite its compact size, you still get great quality sound, with 128 tones,128 rhythms, and 45 demo songs …With a USB MIDI port, you can easily connect the piano to your computer. Using Bluetooth, you can connect the piano to your phone, or Ipad to do some digital editing or to interact with smartphone apps.

Piango Piano Red

Piango Piano Front Rolled

Piango Smartphone

Piango Features

Piango Piano Underside

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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